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Illustration from Carl Jung's Red Book

In 1913, famed psychologist Carl Jung was overcome with terrifying visions. Jung, who was making groundbreaking discoveries into the treatment of schizophrenia, thought he was losing his mind. Compelled by a voice from deep within to unlearn the “dead systems” that no longer served him, Jung made the radical decision to descend into the darkness of his waking nightmares. It was a journey he describes as a search for his lost soul. 


My soul, my soul, where are you? I have returned, here I am again. I have come to you again. After long years of wandering I have come to you anew.


Over the next 16 years, Jung explores his visions, analyzing and recording his psychological and spiritual journey in a massive Red Book. This deeply personal journal, dense with Jung's handwritten calligraphy and intricate paintings, was locked in a bank vault, hidden from public view for nearly 100 years. Now, with permission from Jung’s family and the book's publishers, the documentary film CARL JUNG’S RED BOOK tells the story of Jung’s terrifying confrontation with his unconscious, the profound impact it had on his life and work, and the revelations born out of

his journey that have become the underpinnings of modern Jungian analysis and psychological thought.


Blending stunning animation which brings the visions to life, original and archival footage, interviews with world renowned artists, writers, thinkers, and Jungian psychologists, and the words of Jung himself, CARL JUNG’S RED BOOK not only brings viewers into Jung’s inner world, it invites them to take the most fascinating journey of all…

the journey within.

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“To know the human soul...put away the scholar's gown. Wander with human heart through the world. To experience love. Hate. Passion. In every form in one’s body. The uncertain way is the good way. Upon it lies possibilities. Be unwavering and create.”

- C.G. Jung

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